Call the Midwife Series 4 Episode 1.

webANXcallmidwife41Last month, another series of this very popular series returned.

The 2014 Christmas special proved that the series could stand on its own two feet without Jessica Raine. This series began with all the obligatory births and emotional backstories. Now they are all done with Jennifer Worth’s memoirs, the writers are now left to their own devices plot-wise. The absence of Miranda Hart was also very notable in that it left a crater-size hole. Still, there seems to be enough proficient talent so as to not make the whole thing flop just yet.

The main story is an oft-tread path – the plight of a young boy and his siblings in poverty makes Trixie aware of a dark side of life. Other minor arcs include the breast vs bottle debate in regards to baby nutrition. An argument which seems to be still prevalent today among various health professionals. In the plot arc concerning the young boy and his poverty-stricken existence, the ending of it involved the tragic truth surrounding the forced adoptions which took place between the 1950s-1970s.

I am still liking this series although this episode did not reduce me to a blubbering wreck. Hopefully  the show won’t become a silly soap opera with only a weak tenuous link to Worth’s memoirs.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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