The Artist (2011).

Dujardin-and-Bejo-The-ArtistA fantastic homage to the silent era of film making.

Jean Dujardin plays George Valentin, a silent film star who tries to fight against the emergence of sound film. Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo) is a young ingenuie whose stardom rises as the fame of the veteran silent film actor fades away – or does it?

A charming film which is a look back to a glittery, exciting cinematic age. The abscence of sound in this film is both a necessity and a joy, because you have to focus on the body language and facial expression of the characters and thus feel their struggles more acutely.

A super film which is a true homage to an era of cinema which is lost to modern audiences. Stellar performances by Bejo and DuJardin respectively. DuJardin has a very emotive face, and the dog playing his canine companion certainly added to the movie’s charm.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****



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