Savage Grace (2007)

savage3A very strange film based on the true story of the odd relationship a plastics heir’s wife had with her gay son. Stars Julianne Moore, Eddie Redmayne and Hugh Dancy.

I wanted to watch this film more out of curiosity than out of any desire to look for a ‘good film’. It puts across well the stifling atmosphere of upper class America in the 1960s. The struggles of mentally ill Barbara (Julianne Moore) are put across as she grows alienated from her unfaithful husband but grows dangerously close to her adored son Tony (Eddie Redmayne).

I didn’t feel like I could empathize with the characters at all. I didn’t feel immersed in the story, which given the storyline is only to be expected I suppose. During the film’s entirety it just left me feeling incredibly bleak. Eddie Redmayne came across as something of an emotionally stunted man-child as the film progressed – a Norman Bates archetype who was obviously confused about who he was.

A good film, but it had its share of strange moments. Probably not a film to return to.

MY RATING: *.5 / *****


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