The Musketeers Series 2 Episode 2.

uktv-the-musketeers-s02-e02-2King Louis wants to be an ordinary commoner – at what cost?
Louis and D’Artagnan are taken prisoner and the kingdom is in turmoil. There is plotting aplenty and the return of a familiar face. The episodes can survive without the Cardinal and his swishy robe. Only just.

Hopefully the series doesn’t slump into CBBC territory. Not as strong as Episode 1, this episode is still able to stand on its own. The portrayal of Louis as a big-headed childlike character was interesting, but its been explored before.

This episode also marks the return of familiar characters to brew more trouble. While this episode wasn’t ‘bad’ it wasn’t superbly amazing. An interesting diversion from all else but little more than that.

MY RATING: ** / *****





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