Carve Her Name With Pride (1958).

A superb 1958 film about the brave spy, Violette Szabo, who was involved in espionage during World War II. Starring Virginia McKenna.

I’ve only seen this film half a dozen times in my life. Those six times have always been worth it. Each viewing brings up new things I hadn’t noticed the previous time.

While you could describe this as a melodrama, it perfectly encapsulates what I suppose the wartime experience of being a spy and fearing for your life must have been like. It also dramatizes Violet’s life during the war – beginning with her falling in love with and marrying her French husband Etienne right through to her imprisonment and interrogation (and eventual execution).

This film also makes me weep bitterly every time I watch it. I don’t know why this happens. Maybe the tropes of war melodrama appeal to me in some way? Its brilliantly acted by all involved, and is a gem of a film.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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