Wolf Hall (Episode 2)

wolf-hall-3Another dazzling episode from this amazing drama. Mark Rylance is superb and Damien Lewis brings new light to preheld interpretations of Henry VIII.

With roots in theatre, every scene Rylance is in makes you pay full attention to him. He does not need to be overdramatic to be noticed. Maybe his somewhat cast down demeanor speak of a character with a lot on his shoulders.

This episode also had Henry talking of a dream he’d had in which his dead brother Arthur had visited him. Moments such as these perfectly put across that Henry obviously has a core and obviously has insecurities. This is such good television to watch because the writing gives us space to make up our own minds without needing to have every syllable spelled out for us.

A super episode. I will continue watching this series with eagerness.

MY RATING: ****.5 / *****



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