The Go-Between (1971).

m28-domi-480Norfolk, 1900. A boy must act as messenger between his friend’s sister and the tenant farmer.

Its rather a clunky film (at about 2 hrs long) and a bit slow. Its worth it, though. Its not a seminal piece of cinema, but rather an example of the costume drama type films which the 1970s produced with aplomb.

Leo (Dominic Guard) must deliver messages between his friend’s sister Marion (Julie Christie) and the tenant farmer, Ted (Alan Bates). The film is full of symbolism and also brings up Leo’s innocence in the parallel to the secret relationship between Marion and Ted. When Leo tries to withdraw from the arrangement, both Ted and Marion blackmail the young boy into keeping their secret.

The representation of the divide between the upper and working classes is well put across here. The superiority of even the upper class young boys is maddening but probably true to life.

A good film to watch if you like costume drama. And dramatic music whenever emotion is expressed…

MY RATING: *** / *****


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