Black Death (2010).

Film - Black DeathA bitty, grisly but ultimately satisfying film about a bishop’s inquisitor, Ulric (Sean Bean) and his men searching for the necromancer who it is believed is causing the black death in 14th century England.  A young monk, Osmond (Eddie Redmayne) joins them, keen to be with his beloved again. Are any of them safe from the scourge of the plague?

I saw one film review in which the review lamented that this film was very low. While I respect other reviewers opinions, keep in mind that the film is only about 90 minutes long…

Ultimately very gritty, it is more violent than I remember. When watching the film, it plunges you right into the murky depths of superstition which must have existed at such hostile a time.

Sean Bean is gold here. It is almost his film, an I can see why people love him  an actor. Eddie Remayne was good here too as the young monk who felt that in taking a lover he himself had betrayed God. His later character development (mainly told through narrative voice-over) was also interesting and not wholly unexpected – however, the narrator acknowledges that all of it was rumour, hoping that Osmond had found peace.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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