The Musketeers Series 2 Episode 7

The-Musketeers-A-Marriage-of-Inconvenience-A-Marriage-of-Inconvenience-30062-30062-review-cover‘A Marriage of Inconvenience’

The Musketeers are tasked with transporting the King’s cousin to her wedding – but is all as it seems?

Milady de Winter has fallen from the King’s favour but turns assassin in this episode. She is the perfect anti-hero and was very interesting in this episode – as a result you really don’t know what to think of her as a character because she has so many facets, both good and evil.

The main plot thread (apart from the Constance-D’Artagnan romance, more on that later…) was all about the Musketeers having to transport the King’s cousin to her wedding. Princess Louise (Perdita Weekes) is not at all who she seems to be and the way it was put across was very enthralling and had me guessing right up until the final scenes. Is it just me or was this episode more violent than the others?

And now to the Constance-D’Artagnan romance thread. Personally, I think they got away with it far too easily. Spousal death is a blessing for melodramatic plotlines. Whether or not the couple are ‘cursed’, well, it will be interesting to see in the next few episodes and perhaps into series 3 if greenlight it, whether the curse is true or not. Looking at the way Constance’s fate was handled in the original book, it would be interesting indeed to see if they are brave enough to go down that route in series 3…

The Porthos paternity story was dull as dishwater and I really couldn’t bring myself to feel emotionally involved at all.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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