Call the Midwife Series 4 Episode 7.

Call-the-Midwife-4-7-Una-Stubbs-bThe dramatic penultimate episode of the series. Plots involved include a dramatic fire, and the separation of an elderly couple who have never been parted.

It was such a joy to see the late David Ryall in his final role. The character he plays, alongside his onscreen wife, played by Una Stubbs (of Sherlock fame), have a beautiful relationship and clearly don’t want to be parted. This episode made me feel very bereft, but in a good way. The episode was also dedicated to Ryall, which was good.

The other plotline was about two babies getting swapped accidentally and luckily they didn’t make it too soapy. However, the way they left it at the end gave me the feeling that the two couples were just resigned to raising the baby they had ended up with as a result of the mix up due to the bonds of maternal affection.

The scenes between Patsy and her girlfriend were rather sweet but they both knew that societal constraints couldn’t allow them to get married and live happily. Patsy’s promise to Delia that they’ll “find a way to be together” just gives me the feeling that things won’t end happily for either of them.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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