The Amazing Mr Blunden (1972).

bfi-00n-wt4Two children must go back in time to solve a 100-year-old mystery.

This is definately the comedy / fantasy sort of film. In 1918, two kids: Lucy (Lynne Frederick) and Jamie (Garry Miller) are visited by the ghosts of two children: Sara (Rosalyn Landor) and her brother Georgie (Marc Granger). Lucy and Jamie must travel back in time to help Sara and Georgie, hopefully saving them certain death at the hands of their hapless Uncle Bertie and the mad house-keeper. Will they succeed?

Its a sweet little movie and its always good to see a film involving ghosts where said ghosts don’t culminate in a load of screaming and jump cuts as in modern ‘horror’. There were plenty of comedy moments in the film but at the same time it wasn’t unbearable.

I wish this movie was known about more because it is really rather sweet. The overexposed cinematography kind of works for the setting of the story, also adding a somewhat mystical air to the story.

Worth a watch if you like family adventure films like the Railway Children

MY RATING: *** / *****



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