Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (1956).

vlcsnap-574302A Fritz Lang film about a novelist who is embroiled in a web of flimsy evidence in the murder of a dancer. But it all goes wrong.

Watched this when I went along to my sister’s masters film screening. It looked to be quite an enthralling little film. Built on quite shaky foundations, I was willing to overlook discrepancies as I watched the film unfold.

I always thought of Lang as the director of films such as Metropolis. It is a surprise to see him direct a film more in the realm of Hitchcock. I sensed undercurrents of feminist film theory in this film (its there if you care to look…). dvd_doubtThe difference between the staid, matronly Susan and the vivacious dancers who openly utilize their sexuality is very interesting.

danaandrews18Ultimately, however, the film came off as  film with stable foundations which was built on shifting sand. It could have been an excellent film but it fell short of mediocre. Tensions were built adequately. It was a B-movie and set itself up to be thus. I just felt a bit ‘meh’ after watching this film. In a cinematic age when we know what is coming next and are dolefully prepared for every plot twist, when the plot twist happens we look upon it with knowing indifference.

MY RATING: ** / *****



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