Wuthering Heights (1939).

vlcsnap5357554Sorry, but this was crap.

Admitting dislike for this variation of the film is a cardinal sin in the eyes of most. I’m probably being incredibly judgemental, seeing as it has been many years since I actually read the original source material. There’s also no denying that Olivier is a very good leading man in whatever film role he plays, but something just felt a bit ‘off’ for me when I was watching this film.

The scenery was good and the acting from the other characters (look out for a youngish David Niven…) was quite solid. I just can’t fathom why I didn’t like this film. Perhaps it was my tired addled nerves which failed to love this drama (it was 4AM in the morning when I finished watching it, after all.) but perhaps because they made the story incredibly Hollywood-esque and only dealt with half of the Wuthering Heights story. As a result, I just couldn’t fall for the characters or their motivations.

It was only the last hour of the film which was even vaguely watchable, but that didn’t make up for the lacklustre film itself.

MY RATING: * / *****


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