Farewell to the Hollywood Greats.

ron-moody-0063451RIP to Ron Moody and Christopher Lee respectively.

Its a sad day in cinema when Hollywood has to say farewell to two of its greatest stars. Ron Moody and Christopher Lee have both passed away. Moody was 91, and Lee was 93. Of course, being over 90 years old they both had good innings but it is still very sad indeed.

Everyone remembers Moody from the 1968 film, Oliver! where he played the role of Fagin. Originally written as rather fiendish, the musical brought out the comedic side to the character and was all the better for it. In his interviews he came across as a really amiable person.

To me personally, I always saw Lee as an edifice who would not die. Everyone remembers him from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but does anyone remember him from The Wicker Man? the-wicker-man-original-1973-christopher-lee

They were two of the greats. They will be very much missed by their fans.



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