The Changing Role of Critics.

How is the role of  critic re-defined in the 21st century? Just my thoughts.

Something occured to me recently. What occurred is that while the reviews of critics is still important, the actual value we place on such words has decreased. With the emergence of blogging, vlogging and everything in between, we don’t place so much value on a critic’s writings because we have so much power over what we choose to watch and thence so many outlets on which to prioritize this power.

Indeed, while there are films which genuinely aren’t very good, with this abundance of choice now we are not going to be stopped watching a film just because it gets poor reviews. Many may be driven to watch it out of curiosity. The ability to create our own content also gives us all the strong ability to question the reviews put out there in the mainstream media. It also opens up a great deal of discussion and debate, which is always important and healthy, right?

Often, there are examples of films which aren’t screened for critics, and as a result are given very bad reviews as if the misapropriation of their Higher Knowledge with somehow drive people from actually using their intellect to watch a film.

So these are just my thoughts on the matter. What is your opinion? Let me know down below x



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