A is For Acid (2002).

94041-AisforA-14181376830A television film about the ‘Acid Bath Murderer’, John George Haigh. This is not the sort of television/film I usually review…

The film retells the story of Haigh and his Acid Bath Murders which took place during the 1940s. The role of the murderer himself was played by Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) and he played the role well. Other actors within the film include Keeley Hawes and Celia Imrie.

The film portrays Haigh’s repressed childhood, through the murders and then right up to his execution for said murders. He had a strange childhood – his family were members of the Plymouth Brethren and his father built a wall around the house to protect the house from the outside world.

The film is narrated from Haigh’s point of view. Clunes adds a certain urbane charm to the role and made his deceptions and murders all the more ‘realistic’. The narration, flat and without inflection, does come across as a pre-execution confession.

Over all, it was definately more grusome than most TV films. I know that a film about a murderer has to have its fair share of gore and death but gave us more. The question of why Haigh did it seems to be still left hanging (ahem…) but aside from that I guess its up to the audience to decide.

Ultimately quite a dark film, it scores high but I can’t bring myself to say I adore it because I can’t adore films about serial killers.

MY RATING: ** / *****



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