The Rover (2014).

the-rover-movie-wallpaper-17Another film my sister recommended.

As I said before, seeing as my sister and I both have very similar film tastes, I trusted her recommendation when she urged me to watch this film shortly after I returned home from Winchester. It is no small feat that she adores Robert Pattinson’s acting!

This film is definately one I will try and watch again if possible. My first impressions are of a film which is indeed very tense – set in the bleak Australian outback in some sort of dystopian future, fronted by Guy Pearce and Pattinson doing their thing. What baffled me was their unclear motivations. The plot seemed to operate on a ‘shoot now, think later’ basis.

Not knowing what to expect from the movie prevented me from being 100% immersed in the story or characters. That being said, the cinematography was good and the role of Rey will hopefully get Robert Pattinson seen as more than a Sparkly Teenage Vampire by audiences when they see he can do more serious roles successfully too.

A rare jewel which was not flawless but I will certainly want to watch it again one day.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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