Indian Summers Series 1 Episode 1

Indian SummersThe creme-de-la-creme of British society are all in Simla for the summer season. With tensions high between Indians and the Brits, things are bound to go wrong.

If I’m completely honest, the reason I began watching this (two months late – oh, the shame!) was because it got so badly reviewed in the media. This happens a lot, especially with such highbrow (ahem) papers as The Daily Mail. They seem to think themselves superior as journalists and seek to shape the minds of their readers more so because they still think themselves the higher power in reader choice. I’ll do a blogpost on that.

Aside from that huge segway into oblivion, the episode opens with a train full of pampered Brits during a time in history where India had not received independence from Britain (that came in 1947). So, in a way which only Brits can do, the expats had a lot of power in India, as far as to say that the Indians had little power in their own country would have some sort of truth in it.

To be honest, while I’m not falling head over heels in love with the series from the get-go, like I did with Poldark, it is still an OK series although I don’t want to make any snap judgements. I’m sure there will be plenty of secrets and lies in Simla, though. After the first hour had elapsed, there was more drama and a dramatic shooting to spice things up a little.
The writers are obviously keen to put across so many plot arcs but in some instances it just comes across as messy. I suppose they’re wanting to put across the turmoil and business of a Simla summer season!

MY RATING: **.5 / *****



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