The Ghost Goes West (1935).

The-Ghost-Goes-West-1935A film, starring Robert Donat, about a Scottish ghost residing in an old castle which has been shipped to Florida. The ghost haunts the castle because he is stuck in limbo.

I heard about this movie through a Robert Donat documentary I watched. The Ghost Goes West looked like  fun film, and I thought it would be worth giving it a go.

With a runtime of about 76 minutes its shorter than most Disney films. It was a short, silly film with nods to American commercialization and the film was wrapped up in 5 minutes at the end. The special effects (having Donat play the roles of both Glourie men, often in the same scene) must have been ahead of its time. The romance plot between Donald Glourie and Peggy Martin seemed nice but a bit flimsy – as if just to give the film a romance plot to be worked with.

While it is quite amusing in places, it is not laugh out loud funny. Its one of those films which is gone in a puff of smoke and I don’t think it would really have mass appeal to a modern audience. Unless you like watching Donat dash around in a kilt for the first half of the film? Anybody?

MY RATING: ** / *****




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