Indian Summers Series 1 Episode 2.

uktv-indian-summers-episode-2-henry-lloyd-hughesYep, I’m still doing this. Yes, I haven’t given up yet.

There seems to be a road block of sorts which is preventing me from fully enjoying this series. It just feels as if none of the characters are differentiated. At this point, they feel little more than archetypes. British superiority is still very obvious at this point too.

The cinematography exemplifies the feeling of stifling heat and silent stringent class distinctions. None of the characters particularly stood out as remarkable or memorable in this episode, or maybe they should have been memorable but they focused on too much at once.

In the series the air is ripe with oppression, sexuality and secrets. Maybe another reason for me not really being 100% hooked yet is because the first episode was 90 minutes long. British Rule in India is an interesting topic historically, and the writers are obviously putting plenty of material in as a solid foundation but the profusion of characters did little but muddle them up in my brain and thus care very little for budding character arcs.

MY RATING: ** / *****


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