The Mill Series 1 Episode 1

themillDrama about life in a cotton mill in 1830s Cheshire.

The mills are an important part of British history but all I’d known of them through film and TV was in North & South, which is set slightly later than this series but still deals with similar themes.

Right away the audience are jarred by the series. We are dropped straight into the setting – its bleak and dark, and a younger worker has to face amputation. The series is obviously from the perspective of the workers. The masters are dreary half-arctypes who seem caught in the middle between workers and higher powers. The workers are shown to be good people ground under the wheel of industry and toil. The main character, Esther, is a character with a strong sense of justice.

A good enough episode which won’t be my favourite series of all time but will seem to serve as something akin to a docudrama, seeing as it only has 2 series (10 episodes over all.) and is based on true events padded out with fiction.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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