Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith (2005).

starwarsepisodeiiirevengeofthesith2005bThis film has been rather ridiculed during its 10 years of existence. Whether this movie is worthy of such ridicule is left open to interpretation.

I haven’t seen this film for a few years so naturally I wanted to see it again. I wanted to watch a film without having to analyze it to the hilt.

What hits me right away is Hayden Christensen’s quite wooden acting. He obviously is trying, but it just falls a bit flat for some reason. Natalie Portman does well as Padme, but I can see at first why people mock the trilogy. What is more than clear is Anakin is between a rock and a hard place with incredibly tragic consequences. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the role of Obi Wan Kenobi but as an actor he slightly surpasses Christensen and it shows.

As to this film’s superiority compared to its sequels, I can’t really compare it. I saw Star Wars Episode 4 back in First Year of College (2011) and all I got was an overriding feeling of ‘um…is that it?’. If you are something of a Star Wars fan, then thunderous applause to you. I don’t disregard you in any way but the fact of the matter is that sci-fi is not really the ‘go-to’ genre for me.

Quite a flat film but passably OK with the motley crew of rogues that pass for actors. At some points the CG seemed a bit flaky but it really didn’t bother me very much.

MY RATING: ** / *****



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