The C-Word (2015).

c_word_carouselHeartbreaking drama about writer, Lisa Lynch’s tragic battle with cancer and the blog she wrote to document it. Starring Sheridan Smith.

I have had family who have died of cancer. But now, with the emerging technologies of blogs etc, experiences which had been traditionally private (childbirth, cancer, death) are thrown open to the public so people can support each other through their personal trials and tribulations.

Smith’s characterization of Lynch is of a woman who won’t let cancer defeat her. She doesn’t even call it ‘cancer’ she calls it ‘the bullsh*t’. To the end she fights bravely with the support of her husband and friends.

This was a sad drama. I found myself crying about three times during the drama’s entirety. Smith is marvellous. I also didn’t know of Lynch’s work but I have since found the blog she wrote on the internet. This drama will hopefully be a positive legacy for Lynch’s family while also highighting further awareness for the disease. Following the broadcast of the drama, Lynch’s book shot up in the Amazon bestseller charts.

A drama like this is good because it makes you feel as if you are following Lisa’s journey through her cancer battle and sad eventful death. It is far removed from any one of those cancer dramas – Augustus Waters, ‘forevers’ and infinities. You get the idea…

It is quick-witted. Its funny. It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cry…

You see the bad stuff. You see the good stuff, and everything in between. A must-see.

MY RATING: **** / *****



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