Renoir (2012).

still-of-michel-bouquet,-vincent-rottiers-and-christa-théret-in-renoir-(2012)-large-pictureA French movie about the famous artist Pierre Auguste Renoir and his son being inspired by a beautiful muse, Andree, during the early years of World War I.

To begin with, this movie is quite long. It’s nearly 2 hrs long but it has quite a slow pace. Each shot looks like it could have been painted on canvas.

The duration put me off initially because it just seemed to wander aimlessly for some time, like the moments of a lazy afternoon. Christa Theret plays Andree and does so with stunning beauty as befits the role of a muse. Vincent Rottiers plays the role of Jean, who has suffered badly in the war and returns home injured. He falls for Andree and they would later go on to make films together, with Andree using the alias of Catherine Hessling.

A very beautiful film cinematically, it is worth a watch at least for the beautiful visuals.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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