Poldark (Episode 8).

27EF4E8100000578-0-image-a-114_1429917739498 The final episode of the first series. This has proved to be a super series, with promise for further success.

Tragedy strikes as ‘putrid throat’ strikes Elizabeth and Francis. Demelza puts aside old quarrels to help them, but puts her own family at risk with destructive consequences for all. The whole series had enough drama to be satisfying and the characters were written so that you could care about them and what would happen to them. Well, the good guys anyway.

This episode ripples with tragedy. The acting from all involved was superb, and Elinor Tomlinson was particularly spectacular. Some articles have branded this series as unintelligent but I think its the opposite. There may be objectification of Aiden Turner but that just shows how popular the show has become. It probably exceeds the success of the 1995 Pride and Prejudice adaptation which is predominantly the benchmark for every other costume drama ever since.

The heartbreak of Ross and Demelza at the loss of Julia seemed so real. It was so tragic that they lost their child while Francis and Elizabeth survived the outbreak relatively unscathed as did their son. I wonder what series 2 has in store?

MY RATING: **** / *****



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