Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962).

17sj21d4izccejpgA fascinating film about two sisters, Blanche and Jane, who were ex-child stars but cannot escape the shadow of the past. Starring Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.

Made in an era full of faded screen starlets, this film must’ve seemed oddly relevant. Jealousy and hatred fuels this toxic relationship between these two sisters – one of whom was left paralyzed following a car accident and the other is trapped in an infantile netherworld where she is keen to relive her ‘Baby Jane’ days.

Bette Davis was eerily good as Jane Hudson who has maniacal power over her cowering wheelchair bound sister – veering from screaming rages to childlike mutterings with almost a manic depressive unpredictability. Joan Crawford was good as Jane’s sister Blanche and you can only fear for the character as she cowers from her sister’s wrath. The real-life feud between Crawford and Davis certainly seems to spill over into their performances.

This movie clearly has a lot to say and I will surely be watching it for a second time very soon!

MY RATING: **** / *****


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