What If? (2013).

timthumbA med school dropout must hide his attraction to his best friend – who already has a boyfriend! Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan. This film is known as The F Word in several countries.

I got this film predominantly because I wanted to see a Daniel Radcliffe film where he was not being Harry Potter or in The Woman in Black.

The romantic comedy film market is so saturated its unbelievable. Its a dependable film genre because there will always be a melee of single girls wanting to find romance and failing, or girls wanting more from their relationships where their boyfriend does not resemble the manhunk of their dreams. Or something.

This film was not amazing or even intelligent. What it did have on its side was Radcliffe’s comic timing and the film’s general rather crude humour to make it watchable for all of its 90 minute duration. Its the age old argument about ‘can guys and girls be just friends?’ and a million other things which us lowly humans didn’t even realize was a thing until the magazines told us that this thing existed. The film is a nice bit of distraction and would probably be good to watch during a girly night in with some sweets and chocolate and a good group of friends. The little animations were also rather sweet too.

Ultimately, a good bit of distraction to watch but nothing particularly very solid. Perhaps a good film to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

MY RATING: ** / *****



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