Carry On Forever (1970).

Carry_On_GirlsThe Carry On films have always been a big part of my childhood and I was delighted to find a documentary which was made up of interview snippets from members of the cast and the director.

This short 20 minute documentary seems to be a sweet little homage to the era of carry on films. An era which is sadly beyond most modern audiences because so many of the original cast have sadly died. It is whimsical, nostalgic and lovely.

The cast members interviewed come across as witty, understated and humble. The carry on film seemed to be a film which lampooned the institution and also lampooned the popular sex comedy films which were only just coming in to the furore. That sort of film we will never see again, and that makes me rather sad. You cannot recapture what is gone forever, it seems.

A good little documentary which captures the essence of the films which people loved and were pure and simple – just full of fun.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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