Buried (2010).

buried06Thriller about an American truck driver captured in Iraq and buried alive inside a coffin. Can he escape?

This film stars Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the characters are offscreen but still very present. Watching the film gives the same feeling of claustrephobia that the character would feel. Stuck there with an ever-decreasing supply of air and armed with few supplies, the truck driver, Paul (Ryan Reynolds) must call for help using a Blackberry mobile whose battery is running out fast.

Throughout the film, there was plenty of tension but the mysteriously expanding coffin and juddery camera angles irked me at times – I know it is supposed to increase tension and the feeling of claustrophobia felt by the audience but it felt clunky! Over all, what I took from this was the futility of the little guy by the overlords – the media, hostage mediators with Simon Cowell-esque British accents…tyrannical employers…Iraqi terrorists played by Spanish actors…you get the picture.

Not really my sort of film, but if you like thrillers then give this film a go.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****



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