Home Fires (Episode 3.)

Home_FiresMore drama for the people of Great Paxford as the war rumbles on. The episodes are getting really good, and I heard the show is being renewed for a second series!

The narrative manages to pack a lot into 45 minutes. You could argue that there is a strong feminist viewpoint but at the same time it is certainly taking a new stance because in other dramas the emphasis has always focused on the men going off to fight while this series has been sympathetic to the women left behind.

Pat is much praised for some public speaking she does at a committee meeting but she is soon knocked down once more by her husband’s nastiness. I hope he gets comeuppance for being such a vile character. Elsewhere there is a wedding for Jack and Kate and romantic disappointment for Claire.

I still maintain this is quite a soapy series but is still rather good entertainment. Its a nice bit of distraction despite its obviously very bleak subject matter. It will be interesting to see how the second series manages to continue the narrative arc without the need to veer off too strongly to melodrama.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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