Home Fires (Episode 4)

353600-home-fires-2015-05-24-210000The fourth of six episodes of the series. Teacher, Teresa, faces a familiar face from her past. Frances’s plan to create a communal air raid shelter is almost scuppered by the imperious Joyce. Pat puts a tonic in Bob’s tea to control his violence.

Plenty of drama in this episode as well and the episode’s strength increased through the episode’s duration. The show has proven to be a cosy little drama with good enough characters.

I feel if I went on and on about each episode, it my get repetitive. In this episode, we see the first proper brush with death experienced by the women as one of them loses her young RAF husband when he is killed in a RAF test flight.

This story arc definitely has enough promise to carry on beyond the six episodes and into series 2 – perhaps up to the end of the war?

MY RATING: **.5 / *****


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