The Mill Series 1 Episode 2

df8fccc2-68ef-40a4-86c7-5275a9563ad3_625x352Esther is in court after assaulting her overseer. Her replacement comes in the guise of 2 sisters, but one of the girls is very ill.

While I’m not going to adore this series, it is certainly interesting from a dramatic perspective. It also shows the hypocritical nature of the upper classes to the lower classes, particularly when it comes to the treatment of their slaves and workers.

The narrative arc of the story concerning the two separation of the sisters was sad but it was also very tragic that the ill sister was willing to sell herself to the mill supervisor who took her out of Liverpool. Tragic, and probably what many in dire straits would do, even if they were as young as she was.

There is also a plotline about a slavery society. One of the slaves reveals the dark side of her life as a slave to the shocked committee members.

The episode ends on rather a dark note and managed to pack a lot into its runtime.

MY RATING: ** / *****


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