Dirty Dancing (1987).

dirty-dancing-1The coming-of-age story of young ‘daddy’s girl’ Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman and the summer romance she has with dancing instructor Johnny Castle during her family’s holiday to the Catskills.

I first watched this movie back in 2009 shortly after Patrick Swayze died. The movie is just complete fluff and air, a chance to turn off your brain for nearly two hours. Its not 100% perfect, but it shows the summer of ’63 as a summer ripe with expectation, passion and family politics.

The acting doesn’t have to be 100% perfect because in such fluffy romance holiday movies such as these its more about the predictable romance plot rather than any solid groundwork film-wise. Swayze plays up to a romantic heartthrob stereotype but its good to see him in a dance film as he was a dancer in real life. It must have been difficult doing the dances while also trying to battle dancing injuries in the film which occured, according to his autobiography.

A good enough film but nothing really to it and its very predictable.

MY RATING: ** / *****



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