Black Work (Episode 1.)

BLACK-WORK2Drama about a policeman’s widow who tries to find out the truth behind her husband’s murder. Starring Sheridan Smith.

This received a lot of publicity and Sheridan Smith has oft been lauded in her performances recently. I thought it certainly worth a watch, and it only has three episodes in the drama.
Well, a lot was certainly packed in to 45 minutes. As with any drama, it certainly seems that everyone has something to hide and you can’t trust anybody.

There is plenty of groundwork for this 3-parter to actually be rather good. Smith’s character Jo has plenty of secrets. Its not just her undercover policeman husband with the deadly secrets. Of course, such dramas usually intwine a massive shot of domestic drama too. This makes something like the family domicile – are we all really so mad?

An interesting episode. I hope the drama can reach a satisfying end.

MY RATING: *** / *****



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