The Buddy Holly Story (1978).

Gary-Busy-Buddy-Holly-StoryFilm about the musical career of the tragic Buddy Holly. Starring Gary Busey.

I have begun to appreciate the late great Buddy Holly’s music and I thought I’d give this film a whirl. I know some diehard Holly fans have called this film out for its inaccuracies but so long as they don’t have Busey / Holly flying in on a huge space ship then I am perfectly happy to watch the film.

Of course, you could say that the film reaches such levels of fictional imaginings that it is little more than a True Movies offering. If you like Buddy Holly’s songs, I recommend this film because Busey’s Holly play the songs throughout and play them well. Apparently they were filmed live with very little practice! Busey as Holly grew on me and he was very good but my only qualm was Busey’s age. He was supposed to be playing 22 year old Holly and Busey was 33. Probably a small niggle in what had ultimately been quite a good film.

If you watch this film, you won’t get a blow-by-blow account of Holly’s life but it is certainly a good homage to his music and the birth of rock and roll as we know it…

MY RATING: *** / *****



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