A Song For Jenny (2015).

a2f1a8b5-7b4a-49bd-9847-3c4e10a0b4ec-2060x1236A heartbreaking drama about a bereaved mother’s anger and loss after her daughter is killed during the 7/7 bombings in London. It was broadcast on BBC back in July to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the disaster. Starring Emily Watson.

When I read about this drama, I was very eager to watch it. The 7/7 bombings were also a plot arc in the movie, Hereafter. A Song For Jenny deals with it in a far more human way.

Emily Watson’s performance as a bereaved mother is nuanced – veering from recalling tender early memories of her daughter to anger when everyone is concerned about what will happen to the dog while the fate of Jenny was unknown.

This drama epitomizes the horrific aftermarth of the 7/7 bombings – 700 injured and 52 dead. They all had families who waited anxiously for news. In A Song For Jenny, the family relationships seem so real. Watson’s character feels as if she has failed her daughter because she couldn’t save her daughter or prevent her from taking the tube train journey which would kill her.

I highly recommend you watch this drama. Not just for Watson’s amazing acting, but for the heart and emotions within the story which still resonates today – even 10 years later.

MY RATING: ***** / *****


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