Alfie (1966).

Alfie-michael-caine-5142751-550-310London lothario Alfie (Michael Caine) charms a string of women in 1960s London – all while breaking the fourth wall for audiences.

Visually charming and urbane, breaking the fourth wall long before Youtube ever did, Michael Cane is central narrator to Alfie’s life as he charms women young and old, or philosophizes about women and life.

Of course, Alfie does come across many times as very caddish but there are times where the audience do see slithers of humanity – when he tries to bond with his son, or when he sees his lover’s aborted feotus, etc. Even at the end he is still pondering ‘what is it all about?’ and seems to gain little from the whole experience of his constant womanizing and the resultant misery of those involved.

One thing I noticed about this film that I’d never noticed when I previously watched this film is…

The women are complete doormats. They jump when Alfie says ‘jump’ and are always cowering from his constant rantings. Michael Caine certainly plays the role well and cannot be bettered. It is also a interesting look at 1960s society.

After all, what is it all about?

MY RATING: *** / *****


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