Home Fires (Episode 6).

home-fires-3The final episode in what has been the equivalent of a cup of warming tea and a warm fire.

Rarely do we have a series from the perspective of those left behind during war. Yes, there are series aplenty from the perspective of those marching away but many times the plight of those left behind is brushed over or ignored.

There has been plenty of drama throughout all six episodes of this series – romance, infidelity, cancer, weddings, financial fraud, domestic abuse, homosexuality, blindness, sons going off to war, pregnancy, WI disputes – if you can think of a dramatic moment its probably somewhere in this series.

Many of the plots have been left on a cliffhanger so when series 2 bursts back onto ITV there will be plenty of drama to pick up where the show left off. Set at the cusp of a second war where many still recalled the first, it was certainly an anxious time as the fighter planes flew over Britain. At the end of the episode, the audience saw that war certainly won’t leave Great Paxford untouched.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****


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