Is This Thing On?

source: BBCThought provoking drama about a shy introverted horror fan, Jay (Alfie Kingsnorth), who decides to take drastic action. One final show for his online fans.

In a world surrounded by social media, it can be liberating but very isolating too. In the film, we don’t see a life outside the confines of Jay’s bedroom. The only form of human contact he has is with the people who watch his horror scenes. He even has an unrequainted crush on his friend, but feels too shy to divulge his feelings for her even when she berates him for ruining a poster she brought him.

This short film could certainly be used as an educational tool to teach others about negative social media influences. Even when Jay taunts others that he will commit suicide on camera, they still find it amusing and don’t take it seriously. He connects with a young American office worker who feels isolated by her job and she understands him far better than any of the other users do.
A simple story with bare bones, this short film was good, and shot with the acting talents of Kingsnorth who I really want to see in more stuff because he was rather good and put across such a wide spectrum of emotion in the course of the 15 minute film. I just wanted to hug Jay.

Top notch. Superb.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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