Black Work (Episode 2.)


Jo digs further into her late husband’s life and discovers secrets that should have remained buried. In this episode, it breaks away from being a standard police drama and more into melodrama.

The episode certainly had the potential to be rather good and they tried to keep up tension. It really begs the question ‘Who can you really trust?’

Sheridan Smith seems to be the darling of television at the moment. She certainly plays the role well, but nothing memorable in particular sticks out about her role as Jo, who is on the hunt for the truth. Matthew McNulty plays the role of Jack, Jo’s colleague and ally as events unfold. It was also revealed in the previous episode that Jo and Jack had been having a fling. He was an OK character but I’d also seen him in The Mill as the male protagonist.

Ultimately, an OK episode but I can’t shake the feeling that the 3rd and final episode will have more of a melodramatic, soapish twist to it now that Jo has uncovered further secrets about Ryan’s secret life.

MY RATING: ** / *****



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