Sydney White (2007).

sydneywhite5A modern retelling of the Snow White story. Starring Amanda Bynes.

This movie has plenty to make it chock full of stereotypes and cliches to make it funny but not particularly intelligent.

Bynes plays the quirky female lead well enough but the stereotypes are old and tired. Matt Long’s Tyler was good but quite uninteresting (I hate the whole love-at-first-sight dropped a pencil sort of thing. But more on that another time). Its quite a good film to watch if you want to turn your brain off for an hour or so. I loved the ‘dorky’ characters – they were my favourite characters out of the whole film.

I watched it ages ago a bit after it was originally out. Ultimately quite a bland film, at least good conquers evil etc etc. I wish the stereotype of the loser nerd would just die a slow death where it belongs…

MY RATING: ** / *****


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