The Outcast (Episode 2).

The-Outcast-Lewis-_3379850bThe wonderful conclusion to the drama. Can Lewis make peace with his past?

This was good, despite very poor reviews of the drama itself.

Wonderful characters, and it darkly portrayed emotional and physical abuse as well as the irregularity of public / private personas. They certainly packed a lot in to the two episodes and the atmosphere was very well put across, with stellar performances from all involved.

The representation of the 1950s as one of conformity and repression with undercurrents of acknowledged abuse is a far cry from the media’s favourite representation of that decade – mum wearing a pinny while dad came home from work. Kids playing in the street…

Of course, some moments of the drama veered from one thing to the next with breakneck speed. An intelligent drama, certainly, but it almost felt like they wanted to keep the momentum going as far as they possibly could. I loved the train station scenes because they used the same train station for the Milton train station scenes in the 2004 BBC adaptation of Gaskell’s North and South.

I loved this drama. I really want to track down the book on which the drama is based.

MY RATING: **** / *****




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