Ripper Street (Series 3).


This series has been interesting and its good that it was saved from the ignominy of cancellation.

Strong characters, interesting plots, stellar actors, fast pace…what’s not to like?

I was quite prepared to give this series a standing ovation but right now I’m not so sure. It was good, but some random moments in the last episode made me question my original thoughts. A machine gun. Really???

All the same, there were strong performances among the main cast. The popularity the series gained from being on Amazon Prime clearly shows in the way the settings and plot have pretty much expanded outwards. There seems to be also a rather determined standpoint when it comes to the female characters, for example. The Whitechapel women are usually – for the most part – put across as strong female characters in that they question the route in life that they have been forced to lead. The crossdressing plotline later on in the series caught me rather by surprise. The nature of this series was also considerably darker than the series which had gone before, and this meant the darker sides of characters could be explored.

I loved the outfits the characters wore. I know that seems rather fickle, but the costumes (especially those worn by the women) were a delight.
Ultimately, a good series. I vaguely heard there were more in the pipeline but the way they ended series 3 was a good enough place to end on if they finally decide to finish the series off for good after all. It was good that Edmund Reid got his happy ending.

source: bbc america. (image source: bbc america).

MY RATING: *** / *****


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