A Walk to Remember (2002).

still-of-mandy-moore-and-shane-west-in-a-walk-to-remember-(2002)-large-picturePopular student, Landon (Shane West) falls for the studious, religious Jamie (Mandy Moore) but tragedy threatens to tear them apart.

This is in the same ilk of films such as Love Story, but the book of A Walk to Remember was written by Nicholas Sparks (author of The Notebook).
From the beginning, the film comes across as a film replete with the usual diatribe of stereotypes which usually exist in high school movies. Mandy Moore showed off her talent for singing during a scene in which her character performed in a play.

Mandy Moore’s Jamie grew on me as a character, as did Landon. Its quite a sweet film after all – the sort of squelchy romance that make such films work for their audiences and are positively seeped in sentimentality. I felt sad deep down at the end, but I couldn’t quite fathom why.

Quite a sugar-sweet movie over all. I don’t think I’d watch this film again in a hurry. Not that it was awful, its just that there are so many different films with a similar plot which I could watch if the fancy took me.

MY RATING: ** / *****


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