Lady Chatterley’s Lover (2015).

Lady-Chatterleys-LoverBBC adaptation of D.H Lawrence’s scandalous novel about a wealthy woman’s romance with her gamekeeper. Stars Holliday Grainger.

This was another drama which got the Daily Mail journalists dribbly. Everyone knows the book and there have been adaptations dotted around in filmic history. Including one starring Joely Richardson and Sean Bean.

This adaptation had its good moments, but ultimately was a bit boring with a Mills & Boon style ending. James Norton was good in the role of Sir Chatterley, tragically wounded in the war and rendered paralyzed yet desperate for an heir with his wife.

Richard Madden played the role of Mellors, but when it was broadcast the BBC tried to ride out on the success of Poldark by the linkages of the Adonis men in both dramas. In their mind, because both adaptations contain muscled men, it would be perfect eye candy for their female audiences.

Ultimately, the adaptation wasn’t very good. All I learnt while watching this drama was that fires in fireplaces immediately springing to life can immediately be conducive to romance. The ending, as I said before, was very unrealistic.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****



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