Double Indemnity (1944).

161624-004-BB49ED85Movie about an insurance salesman, Walter, who gets involved in the maschinations of the beautiful sultry Phyllis, when she wants to murder her husband.

This film had all the tropes which make up the typical noir film. Its around two hours long, but I was gripped throughout the film’s entirety. The acting was good, with the story unfolding well till the end and coupled with Walter (Fred MacMurray)’s voiceover as he records his ‘confession’.

The motives of the characters got me guessing throughout the film, and while Barbara Stanwyck in her role as Phyllis was not your typical beautiful screen siren (or at least I personally thought), she was certainly deadly.

A good film. Apparently there is a book too, but I feel disappointment will cloud my judgment if, as is often the case, the film is better than the book.

MY RATING: *** / *****





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