London Spy (Episode 1).


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This series looked really interesting, and with Ben Whishaw fresh from SPECTRE I thought it would be interesting to see him in a similar role.


Right away, the first thing that struck me about the drama is that it would have been interesting to see him play the role of ‘Alex’ – ultimately fulfilled by the doe-eyed Edward Holcroft.

To begin with, Whishaw’s character of Danny comes across as weaker than his counterpart and boyfriend, the secretive Alex. The episode had plenty of tension and held promise for the remaining four episodes (it is reputedly a 5-part drama.) and the narrative kept me guessing. From the general reviews I’ve read of the series – which I never like doing because it corrupts the rarity of independent thought – it seems people aren’t very happy that the first episode depicted a homosexual love scene. Of course, in the instance of this review the semantics of it and my personal feelings are irrelevant but to be entirely honest, it was a good episode. If the number of complaints is as many as (13!!!!!) out of a viewing audience of 2.5m then the field of focus is miniscule indeed.

Anyway, good acting all around. Hopefully the drama will continue to be as well-paced as this first episode was. I can’t wait to see more of Whishaw’s acting. He is superb. Even though he looks as though a gust of wind might blow him away…

MY RATING: *** / *****


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