Network (1976).

This movie’s narrative seems very oddly relevant, even though the film was made over 40 years ago. A newsreader announces that he will commit suicide live on air. Will the network take him seriously?

With the media and news a constant in our lives in the current decade, and every decision is made in lieu of what reaction it will cause from the ignorant public, this film is oddly prophetic.

The film was billed as comedic satire and while this may be true in some instances, I didn’t find myself rolling around the floor in laughter. It, however, was interesting seeing how ruthless media bosses can be in the pursuit of ratings and the perfect story. Similarly, it very starkly represents how quickly something can become a media icon but it is often done without any thought for the person centrally involved or without any morals or ethics.

The central romantic plot didn’t really help much, if only to draw attention to the fact that Faye Dunaway was a woman and a woman in a high ranking position.
I heard about this film through one of those ‘Top 10 Films which…’ lists. You know the sort. An interesting premise, with a thought provoking central theme, the film was good but left me feeling nothing for the characters. Perhaps that is what television is like, after all.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****


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