Black Swan (2010).

A film directed by Darran Aranofsky about an obsessive dancer, Nina (Natalie Portman) who will stop at nothing to achieve her dream of dancing Swan Lake’s Black Swan.

I thought I’d reviewed this film before but it appears not. An interesting film at best, a horrific film at worst, this is the sort of film which cannot be simply explained away or boxed into a simple hypothesis.

This film has a lot to say but its up to the individual viewer to perceive what they want from it. Portman is certainly memorable as the schizophrenic dancer who loses her innocence in the struggle for the ultimate ambition.

Mila Kunis was good as Nina’s mirror image, Lily, while Vincent Cassel was certainly eerie as Tomas – the ballet instructor. However, his French films are better.
There is a lot of contention about what happens at the end of the film and again it is really up to individual perspective. The film in itself is certainly very jarring but it could also be said that it was made just to shock people all in the name of filmic art.

I try and avoid this film as much as possible. Its a fair film though, and is almost like Aranofsky’s other film, The Wrestler.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****


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