London Spy (Episodes 2-4)

Writing out individual blogposts for each episode would just be pointless and time consuming, whereas it makes sense to compartmentalize my thoughts on the drama before the final episode is released (at the time of writing- 3/12/2015) in the next week or so.


I think it seems like whoever is writing this is not willing to let the plot move along just as can be. As many plot complications have to be thrown in the way as possible, and the audience have to have the proverbial rug ripped from under them.

While at times it can certainly be an endearing prospect, it also has the feeling of trying to tick all the boxes before the time runs out. Ben Whishaw was interesting as Danny and with the dramatic news he received in episode 4 it will be interesting to see how they tie up the final episode – if they tie it up at all. The camerawork was certainly trying to be inventive, too, with plenty of off-kilter angles. Just felt a bit ‘meh’ about it all, to be honest.

Charlotte Rampling was good as ‘Alex’s mother but she always has that eerie remoteness, with whatever role she plays. Mark Gatiss was good in his role, as was Jim Broadbent.

Ultimately, episodes 2-4 were good but I’ll reserve my judgement till the final episode.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****


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